Corrado/Passat B3 E Code Relay Harness




Get the most output from European E Code headlights for North American spec or European Corrados and Passat B3 by using this relay harness. A plug in play relay harness that increases the electrical power that makes its way to both the low and high beam bulbs by drawing power directly from the battery through relays rather than from the under powered headlight switch. Includes factory VW plugs that connect directly to the E Code housing. Utilizes waterproof Hella 40 amp relays and waterproof fuse holders for the best reliability possible. Relays and fuse holders come mounted to a aluminum bracket for a cleaner and more simple installation. Includes self tapping screws and zip ties.


N. American version: For all Corrado/Passat B3 models from the US and Canada. This harness has a 9004 adapter connector that connects directly into the factory headlight harness. Also includes a two pin connector that plugs into the factory NA parking light connector to illuminate the E Code city lights. 

Euro version: For all Corrado/Passat B3 models from Europe or that have a European headlight harness. This harness comes with a 4 pin male connector that plugs directly into the factory headlight harness. No splicing of wires or single pin connectors. One simple connector makes for a easy plug and play relay harness for European Corrados and Passat B3.

Euro version works for cars that came with E Code headlights from the factory or for Corrados/Passats upgraded with the European headlight wiring harness.

All harnesses are available with either vinyl sleeve that is similar the OE engine wiring or expandable flame resistant flex sleeve. BUILT TO ORDER and takes one week to complete.

USPS Priority shipping within the US $7 and outside of the US $32


VAT or Import Taxes are not included in the pricing and they are the responsibility of the customer to pay when importing parts into your country.


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