Corrado Illuminated Gauge Face Set G60/VR6

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Finally Corrado owners can have back lit gauge faces that have a O.E. appearance. These gauge faces are designed to follow the original design of the Corrado gauge faces with only minor changes for a cleaner look. A Corrado logo is added onto the speedo as well as a G60 or VR6 logo on the tach. The tachometer reads in measurements of 1x1000 rather than 10x100. The speedometer reads only in MPH as the KPH has been deleted for the US version. The gas gauge no longer reads "Unleaded Fuel Only". Sets include 3 separate gauges for temp/fuel, speedometer, tachometer, and one power supply. Available in cool white illumination.

• G60 early version fits 1990 US cars analog odometer

• G60 late version fits 1991 US cars with digital odometer

• VR6 version

Green or indigo blue illumination can be special ordered as well as 160mph speedometer version for US cars with UK speedo conversion. Contact to order.


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