Corrado Illuminated HVAC Display Set



SFT Illuminated HVAC Set replaces/upgrades the O.E. illumination and allows you to match the illumination color of our Corrado gauge faces. When unlit the display looks factory original in appearance but at night when illuminated it gives your car a more modern look over the early incandescent illumination. By utilizing electroluminescent film our displays have perfectly even lighting across the entire display. This set will plug directly into the power supply for our gauge faces. We only stock white and green illumination but indigo blue can be special ordered.

Early Version: For '89-'92 Corrado models with the early slider style HVAC controls.

Later Version: For '93-'95 Corrado models with the later rotary style HVAC controls.

This kit is set up to be used with the Illuminated Gauge Face Set and connects to the existing power supply. For those who intend to use the HVAC faces on their own, a separate power supply will need to be purchased.

***This kit does not include the OE HVAC controls ***

 VAT or Import Taxes are not included in the pricing and they are the responsibility of the customer to pay when importing parts into your country.


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