Corrado LHD Rain Tray Gloss Black



SpoonFedTuning Rain Tray Cover is designed to cover the open void below the base of the windshield where the wiper motor, ECU, and fresh air inlet for the HVAC reside. This unique part visually cleans up this area of the engine compartment and helps protect the components that sit below it. Made of high quality Fiberglass composite construction. Vacuum infused. High gloss black gel coat finish. Quick and easy installation requires only slight modification to OE plastic HVAC inlet cover. Fits only VR wiper motor assembly. This product can be made to work on a G60 but the wiper motor needs to be swapped for the VR version. Fits Left Hand Drive Corrado only.

Shipping to outside of the US except for Canada is $60 with USPS Priority

For International orders please contact us at first to make sure we can ship a package this size direct to your country. Canada, Germany, and most of Europe this item CAN be shipped to without any problems.

VAT or Import Taxes are not included in the pricing and they are the responsibility of the customer to pay when importing parts into your country.



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