Corrado RHD One Piece Lower Windshield Trim Fiberglass



SpoonFedTuning's One Piece Lower Windshield Trim for RHD Corrados is available in a premium fiberglass version as well. Designed to replace the three O.E. plastic trim pieces that fit a long the base of the windshield. A clean and smooth appearance is achieved by eliminating the raised flanges where the O.E. plastic trim pieces overlapped. This results in a much cleaner, shaved, look.

This part is Vacuum infused composite construction ensures a high-quality finish and optimum strength. Our less expensive version is not infused and is a wet layup part. It also needs to be painted prior to installation whereas this part does not. It comes with a high-gloss black gel coat finish. Installs with existing O.E. metal clips and two mounting screws. Fits all RHD Corrado models. Built to order and takes one week to complete.

Shipping International $55

**Can be ordered without wiper holes or with only the center hole for mono wiper set ups **

                                   THIS PART IS FOR RIGHT HAND DRIVE CARS ONLYX


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