Corrado Sub Enclosure Spare Tire Well VR6



Made to fit snug into the spare tire well of all Corrado VR6 cars replacing the spare tire. Rigid construction using fiberglass composite. Built to match the shape and contours of the trunk floor with a height the same as when the spare tire is installed. Uses the existing threaded mounting stud and nut to hold in place. Gold plated speaker terminals make it easy to install or remove. Only fits Corrado VR6. Will not fit a G60. Includes one JL Audio 10TW3 subwoofer. Comes with the speaker installed and wired into the enclosure for easy installation. 

Made in the USA

This enclosure is designed to only work with the JL Audio 10TW3 10" shallow mount subwoofer.  Price includes the JL Audio 10TW3. Using this speaker allows for the low height of the enclosure due to its very shallow mounting depth and its excellent performance. 

Built to order and takes approx. 7 days to complete

Available in raw fiberglass without carpet or covered with black trunk liner carpet.


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